Use cases

The VeriSmart protocol and software system may be used in all sorts of processes and with custom templating, we believe there are no boundaries. Below you will find a few selected processes in which VeriSmart will add value to all participants of the process.

K.Y.C. – Know Your Customer

VeriSmart deliver a unique secure, private and transparent protocol to ensure streamlined K.Y.C. processes. With templating, updating procedures according to new legislation has never been easier.

Public Procurement

VeriSmart delivers the software technology and protocol to ensure fair bidding for public procurement, allowing companies to make bid without revealing the offer prior the actual deadline.

Custom templating

Each template used to start a certain process through the VeriSmart system may be created to any specific needs, signatories, timeline and any thinkable aspect of the process. The above are therefore simply some simple use cases to easier understand how VeriSmart ensures security, privacy and transparency in such processes.